Forbes Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings 2009

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Jay-Z – 35 Million
Diddy – 30 Million
Kanye West – 25 Million

Dam RECESSION or we just Making money off the Books?? Hit the Link the see the rest of the list.


Broccoli City’s “THE NEW SCHOOL” ARTICLE in J’Adore mag

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I posted this earlier and here is the ARTICLE …HATERS!!!.. But Nah  Really good spread check out J’ ADORE MAG!!

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!!!! DaiLy LinkAge !!!!


PICS: Clipse – Til The Casket Drops (Sample Sampler) NahRight 

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2009 BET Awards Recap Snicka

Funk Master Flex 2009 Car Show (Including Model Contest) RealTalkNY

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Misa Campo F-Listed

Death of Half-Ass Music

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Thoughout the cyber world there is not an ear that hasn’t heard D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) by Jay-Z. Since its release two weeks ago it has caused an uproar of opinions, creating a Love or Loath battle of the masses. None the less, D.O.A. has been well  recieved by the audience.

What has really left me perplexed by the situation is how D.O.A. is being precieved by artist such as Ron Brows and Dj Webstar. Im slightly confused how artist of any nature can be so offended by a statement, so a song that does not directly address them. Everyday my ears are ever so blessed to hear a rapper boast how he is better than the next rapper, ya-da-ya. In retaliation another rapper just boast how much he is better than the next man. Hip-Hop for years has been built upon competition and arrogence. So how am I to be sympathetic?

The argument of these young artist, Ron Brows and Dj Webstar, is Jay-Z is irrelevent to the younger audience and they also find that Auto-Tune is a great tool of expression.  Jay-Z’s argument is Auto Tune is becoming a trend, and isnt being used in the best light. I can agree with both in some aspect, the use of the vocooder/auto tune is a great tool but as of late, it has not been used in proper funtion. Artist such as T-Pain, Kanye West, ect. have been able to create signature stylings using autotune, which has inspired other artist, but not enough to influence others into a more creative direction.

In today’s music, relevence equals trendy. Hip-Hop has throughout the years, been prided for its large array of unique sounds, but now a days, once a profitable new kick-drum is created, everyone moves on that chord. Autotune has definately made a mark in innovation, but for artist, outside of the known trailblazers, find the tool to be a crutch or a path into superstardom, is a bit far fetched.

D.O.A is far from a diss record but a challenge to be being different, to making good music again. Jay-Z’s initiative isn’t to seek relevance, or retaliation of his lack of irrelevance, but to kick start a more organic process of song making, in the mainstream.



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Mr. Peter Parker Presents Eminem – The E/Tox


Mr. Peter Parker Presents Eminem – The E/Tox

Nicki Minaj – Beam Me Up Scotty (Hosted By DJ Holiday & Trap-A-Holics)


Nicki Minaj – Beam Me Up Scotty (Hosted By DJ Holiday & Trap-A-Holics)

Cam’ron – I’m The Reason Why You Eat


Cam’ron – I’m The Reason Why You Eat

Twista – The Calm Before The Storm


Twista – The Calm Before The Storm

Al Be Back  – Hi. (Presented by Mick Boogie)


Al Be Back – Hi. (Presented by Mick Boogie)

XV – Please, Hold


XV – Please, Hold

DJ Critical Hype & EscapeMTL Present: The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends


DJ Critical Hype & EscapeMTL Present: The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends

Asher Roth – April Fool’s!!

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Wayne Marshall – Blame de Weed

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Artist Review : Kid Cudi x Retirement

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I thought Id give the blog some personality so..ever so Often I will be giving you guys some opinion pieces, cuz If the boys want to put asssssss! everywhere, Im gonna talk my shit. This are strictly the Opinion of Jazzi and do not reflect Concept City music blah blah whatever.


I was asked whats my Opinion on Kid Cudi…
First I was like, Go ahead retire, you’re not spectacular.

Then I said….

Short Answer:
A Unique voice w/ out anything unique to say. Basically Swag>Substance

and then I said…

Long-er Answer:
Ive had the mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi” for awhile, and it hasn’t been in heavy rotation. One because his ability to pick out production that compliments his style, is eh’, not really the best, and two Unlike Wale, who’s swag carries over some of his lack luster lyrics, Cudi is a lucky guy with a unique delivery, dude still not that dope. At the moment his buzz is based solely on “Day & Night” and being signed to G.O.O.D Music. “Day & Night” and his work on “808s and Heartbreaks” definitely proves that he can write concept pieces and appeal to a mass, BUUUUUUT! A lot of the lyrics Ive heard from him are amateur, and cliche’. For someone who is not knee deep in mixtapes or been around forevvvvverrrrr, Im quite annoyed by his money, clothes, and hoes talk. His blend of singing and rapping is very cool, and sometimes I find myself admiring his sing-songs over his rapping, and I personally would perfer he go in that direction more. “Man on the Moon” is one of my favorite songs by him, and Id love to hear more of the Cudi on ” is There any Love” w/ Wale. He needs to be brought down, his arrogance from being gassed up by people for sounding different is going to over shadow his actually work and people are gonna be more apprehensive to buy his album, just like his famous mentor, Kanye West w/ 808s and Heartbreaks. Good Luck. I think You’re overrated.

Btw: Cudi couldn’t even WReck J.Dilla’s “Wild”…

Talk me DOWN?


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Congrats Weezy?

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On request…Why Im disappointed with D’Wayne winning a Grammy?

In a world where ppl value success over greatness, or quanity over quality, my peers seem to believe that is exactly what makes D’Wayne Carter the Best Rapper Alive. Im actually impressed that he sold 1million, great marketing, but honestly I dont believe his album was quality compared to the likes of American Gangster[Jay-Z], Untitled[NAS], or The Cool[Lupe Fiasco], who were also nominated for a Grammy.

“and the Bible told us every girl was sour dont play in the garden and don’t smell her flower call me Mr. Carter or Mr. Lawn Mower boy I got so many girls like I’m Michael Lowry “

-Lil Wayne

Im perplexed that lyrics such as the quote above could be considered anything other than gibberish, or lead to an actual GRAMMY. In my opinion, Lil Wayne goes hard on a “IM just fuckin around.freestyle.tip“, he doesnt have complete production, or complete ideas. Tie your Hands and Misunderstood were great attempts at reaching deeper, and were definately stand-out tracks. My impression of Carter III was a lot of tracks just thrown together, which can explain the ackward flow of the tracklist, and the great to mediocre production between the tracks. Lil Wayne definately has the drive, and right idea, but he lacks the ablity to effectively express the concept. Lil Wayne has inconsistancy in sticking to an idea/topic, and a habit of sparatic topic changing[EX. A Milli]

sidebar: I grew up on TRIBE, DE LA, BLACKSTAR, JAY, WU-TANG, BIG, L, TUPAC,OUTKAST, COMMON, MOS, BLACK THOUGHT, PUN, LOX, CAM, EMINEM, ECT…so my standards are HIGH, and Im not easily impressed. Budden and a few others are have found place in my iPod.

In order to actually declare something award worthy you have to make comparisons to another album….

EX. American Gangster[jay-z], was great musically, lyrically, and conceptually. From the intro to the bonus tracks, each track had full production and a concept. Not every track was lyrical, but the concepts carried the album. (I have a natural bias for Jay, so exclude this comparison)

On the real TIP:

The Cool [LUPE FIASCO] was musically, lyrically, and conceptually impressing. From the Intro…the word “They Thought it was Cool” gave you a clear idea and thesis for the whole album. Lupe Fiasco brought a lot of diversity with his production selection. The Rock influence that Lil Wayne wants to force, has been mastered by Lupe Fiasco on tracks such as Hello/Goodbye & Fighter, and seems to come at such an ease. The whole idea put behind The Cool has such an organic, realness, that takes you back to the Tribe, De La Days. Its also that idea that gives a reality about them, in a world of music where make-believe is the recycled theme, making Lupe refreshing and brings a creative edge. Lupe Fiasco has a way of making an ackward, nerdy seem cool. The Hooks flow like fluid, the metaphors are deeper than most, and gives hip-hop back its intellegence. There are a array of Topics [Personal fav. Intruder] gives The Cool a very meaty, full feeling. The singles were not filler, but a great preview of what the album might intel.

Congrats to Lil Wayne for selling 1million his first week…Wayne>Soulja Boy Tell em, but if that is the main reason for him gaining NOTORIETY as an artist, 50 cent should have a Grammy, because GET RICH or DIE TRYIN is a Classic. And when I say classic, an album I can hold next to Midnight Maurder, Ready to Die, blueprint, Illmatic, and Marshall Mathers LP…

…So am I wrong?

Talk Me DOWN!

I guess I should be the change I believe in…huh