Miss Info Found CAM!

Posted in heroes and demons by Jazzi on February 12, 2009

I love some Cam’ron, all the yrs. I wasnt in his defense, come on’ he was beefin with Jay, but “What Means the World to you” contributes to my huge LOVE for the POLICE. The Diplomats are Over….sigh… GOOD!


Fuck a DIVA

Posted in heroes and demons by Jazzi on February 7, 2009

In leu of my favorite singer of all time[ETTA JAMES:Get Familiar] threatening to KICK Mrs. Carter’s ass, I bring YOU reasons why Beyonce should be PISTOL WHIPPED….

1. For my homegirls Latavia, Letoya, & Farrah (Oh and Now KELLY)
2. For Releasing D.Day special edition on the same day as Kelly’s Ms.Kelly re-release.
3. For thinking her Dreamgirls performance was Oscar worthy.
4. For thinking she had the angst to play Etta James
5. For her over dramatic performance of “If I were a Boy”.
6. For biting Amerie’s Style on “Green Light, Deja Vu, and a few other songs”.
7. For thinking Im stupid and not knowing she is married.
8. For stealing songssssssss.
9. For not changing stylist after all these yrs.
10. Dereon[Period].
11. For doing hair dye commercials when we all know that is a bad ass lace-front wig.
12. I’M A DIVA….Now all the siddity bitches at school think they got an anthem. LOL.

A Diva is a female version of a BUSTER. Of a, of a buster. Of a BUSTER [I


MY Fellow Scholar

Posted in heroes and demons by Jazzi on January 30, 2009

AH! Do I love when UMKC actually has something of interest. Last Friday my dude, Cornell West blessed us with an intellectually stimulating lecture. After being overjoyed, overwhelmed, ect., I was able to actually understand and digest the words of one of my fav. black scholars. Though most of my peers only heard him say, NIGGA, NEGRO, & NIGGER…I learned, that we should strive for greatness, not just success. I also learned that it is okay to disagree with MR.OBAMA, the guilt has been lifted. Im really happy that he addressed the truth about our Fallen Hero Martin Luther King, jr., and how the guy died having the same approval rating as Mr. George (Wamp-Wamp) Bush. Which makes me pose the Question: Will in 10, 20yrs from now, will we actually see greatness in the Bush Administration? Overall Im was tremendously pleased with him, and my coffee table should be greatful for the signed copy of his new book, “Hope on a Tightrope”. That was a Great Ending to a hectic/historial week.

SideBar: YES SIR! He is indeed a BIGGIE Fan, as well as a fan of my other favs. Lupe, Rhymefest, rah-digga, & Talib…Now I feel completely comfortable with my music taste as a scholar, (Which I shared with Cornell in Convo, boy do I love being anti-kissass)