Death of Half-Ass Music

Posted in Music, Talk me Down by Jazzi on June 14, 2009

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Thoughout the cyber world there is not an ear that hasn’t heard D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) by Jay-Z. Since its release two weeks ago it has caused an uproar of opinions, creating a Love or Loath battle of the masses. None the less, D.O.A. has been well  recieved by the audience.

What has really left me perplexed by the situation is how D.O.A. is being precieved by artist such as Ron Brows and Dj Webstar. Im slightly confused how artist of any nature can be so offended by a statement, so a song that does not directly address them. Everyday my ears are ever so blessed to hear a rapper boast how he is better than the next rapper, ya-da-ya. In retaliation another rapper just boast how much he is better than the next man. Hip-Hop for years has been built upon competition and arrogence. So how am I to be sympathetic?

The argument of these young artist, Ron Brows and Dj Webstar, is Jay-Z is irrelevent to the younger audience and they also find that Auto-Tune is a great tool of expression.  Jay-Z’s argument is Auto Tune is becoming a trend, and isnt being used in the best light. I can agree with both in some aspect, the use of the vocooder/auto tune is a great tool but as of late, it has not been used in proper funtion. Artist such as T-Pain, Kanye West, ect. have been able to create signature stylings using autotune, which has inspired other artist, but not enough to influence others into a more creative direction.

In today’s music, relevence equals trendy. Hip-Hop has throughout the years, been prided for its large array of unique sounds, but now a days, once a profitable new kick-drum is created, everyone moves on that chord. Autotune has definately made a mark in innovation, but for artist, outside of the known trailblazers, find the tool to be a crutch or a path into superstardom, is a bit far fetched.

D.O.A is far from a diss record but a challenge to be being different, to making good music again. Jay-Z’s initiative isn’t to seek relevance, or retaliation of his lack of irrelevance, but to kick start a more organic process of song making, in the mainstream.



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