The world’s best headphone sound is only $6,910

Posted in Concept City by qualitysmusic on July 19, 2009

headphone amp
Woo Audio WES headphone amplifier ($4,500) and Stax SR-007Mk2 headphone ($2,410)

The Woo WES is an all-triode tube drive, fully balanced design; the prototype unit I’m reviewing has a total of 10 tubes (four EL34 power tubes, four 6SL7 drive tubes, and two 5AR4 rectifier tubes), but production models will have 11 tubes. It works with Stax and Sennheiser electrostatic headphones only. The machined, all-metal dual chassis is beautifully crafted.

“Sticky Fingers,” newly remastered and one of the Rolling Stones best albums, and one I’ve heard hundreds of times, revealed new details. Keith Richards’ guitar wizardry lights up “Sway” like never before, and I’m hearing a sense of depth and space around Charlie Watts’ drum kit for the first time. I feel like I’m hearing a band live in the studio, not a recording. Quiet details such as the mix’s subtle reverberation are newly audible.

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