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Download NOW!!!
I Love my Little Bro, he’s a hot spitta.
I been rockin with this tape during my workout for the last 3 weeks, and Im
not at all disappointed.
Time Travel, Great Intro.
Figga Floatin, Fly Slow, Aquamilitia, and Closer,
lil Nigga goes in.
Shhhh…. (Maybe Class remembers)
but he borrowed some Concept City Production,
on extravaganza of a Stanza, another stand out in my opinion.
Hes’s going harder than some of these XXL Freshmans, trust me.
Otaku[] UP, What!
Jazzi Approves….


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I refuse to Entertain the CB v. RiRi Bullshit, so I will not post the pic, out of respect for her.
BUT still…..

, Fuck what YOU HEARD! I Stay STRAPPED and in words of my Bitch KIM, “I Got a Raw Chick to take care of that, Lay Your ASS FLAT”

P.S. [Click Here] to See Rihanna *Tearing Up*

I LOVE Drake! The Review

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KC: MEET MY BF[not really] DRAKE….
As a producer, I can really appreciate this mixtape for being a FULL production. Unlike his counterparts, this is a complete collection of well thought out compositions, matted and hung. This is definitely a mixtape that wasn’t driven by features and familiar beats, I almost want to call it an Album. 

01 Lust For Life – 
Intriguing was my first thought, it definitely set the expectation for this mixtape. I love his honesty and realism, which made me fall in love with Drake, “My ex sending late night text because [she don’t know how to let go-go-go]. I have a lust for Life.

02 Houstatlantavegas

Very Catchy, Very radio, but It stands out at first listen. Drake has a great way of creating imagery. The drums on this joint is reminiscent of “Promise” by Ciara, making it sound familiar, especially with the hook riding the same melody of R.Kelly’s, “Bump and Grind rmx.”

03 Successful f. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne – 

The transition from Houstalantavegas is fitting, Drizzy gives me the punch-lines I love, “The game needs a change and Im the cashier”… Its so juicy. Drizzy makes you want to meet his moms… It feels like it should be the track before Jay-Z’s “I made it”. Dude fuckin makes Wayne look like an amature…”I got fly without Peter Pan.” New Motivational track for my playlist.

04 Lets Call It Off f. Peter Bjorn & John – 
Sounds out of place…reminds me of Paranoid on 808s and Heartbreaks…Not my fav. Dope joint though.

05 November 18th – 

The intro on this joint samples my favorite Line from BIGGIE’s “Warning”…I love how he rides this beat, it feels like sex, nigga switches it up, and rips it screwed. The ending…mhmm…[Ladies know what Im talkin’ about]

06 Ignant Shit f. Lil Wayne
“Im the 1 twice over, Im the new 11” Go Hard or Go Home! Wayne brought a carry-on. This was the renegade of the season. 

07 A Night Off f. Lloyd – 

A joint for the Average Hoe, they don’t need lyrics…I wrote about this before [click Here]

08 Say Whats Real
” The transition from fittin in to’ out” Thats what this whole song/mixtape embodies. “ just seen my ex girl standin with, my next girl standin wit da girl dat im fuckin right now” Oh do I love the irony and the imagery in that shit. 

 09 Little Bit f. Lykke Li – 
Another joint for the eccentric ear and us producers. The contrast between their vocals are very complimentary. Lykke Li has a sweet voice, next to his raspy…loves it.

10 Best I Ever Had – 
This made all the average hoes feel special. Does he sound like D’Wayne on this? 

11 Unstoppable f. Santogold & Lil Wayne – 

Santogold is my fav. under-rated jewel… Drake and Wayne bring another life to this joint…not the strongest punch-lines, on drake..but wayne brings the funnies.

12 Uptown f. Bun B & Lil Wayne – 

Drake is doper than Ya Favorite Rapper…how Yall gone let a Canadian sound hood’r than you? “I dropped to black hearts, I called em Malcolm X and Martin Luther”

13 Sooner Than Later – 

“I forgot to call you on your Birthday”.. This is  a “we’ve all been there” joint.

14 Bria’s Interlude f. Omarion – 

Wasted Feature..Does dude sing or whine?

15 The Calm – 

The realest joint on the whole Mixtape, hands down. “To make everyone happy, I would need a clone” I relate to this the most. I had an epiphany listening to joint….I fucks with Drizzy.

16 Outro – 

Great Transition from The Calm…the keys have my heart…plz dont interrupt.

17 Brand New – 
The Oldest Joint, but every time it feels Brand New, another song that mirrors my reality.

Drizzy, Thanks for your honesty and drive. He shows and Proves. [Download]


Getting Dressed:Best Part of My Morning

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VINTAGE 88 is Coming Kids…

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See YOU FEB. 13th


You’ll Fuck Wit IT….

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Feburary 13th, 2009…Ya Girl will be 1 of the 4 featured designers in the Fly Society SHOW. Puzzled? Well Get Familiar BCuz VINTAGE 88 is about to takeover. And on that note, more VINTAGE 88 news coming soon……shit, UPDATES are so neccessary.