Bullet Proof Weave?

Posted in random redic by Jazzi on February 20, 2009
ONLY IN KC, can WEAVE Save lives. After shots were fired, woman lives after police find bullets in her weave, how mysterious is that?
You Don’t believe me, [Click Here]


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What’s more socially acceptable?

A black chick with no hood knowledge


Hood ass white chicks


Live from the sidekick

Letter to Michael Phelps

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Dear Michael Phelps,

Tell them to suck your dick….

Why not smoke weed?



Happy Sunday: Eye Candy

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I thought you GUYS might be impressed by her ensemble!!!!!!
happy Sunday.
Im taking a study break.

25 Random FACTS

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I was tagged numerous Times on facebook, so why not…

1. Great taste in music is the way to my heart, especially you’re as eclectic as myself.

2. Contrary to what you want to believe, I’m from the hood, I was on welfare, and my g-ma use to make me clothes because we couldn’t always afford the finer things. So ive had government peanut butter, I remember enjoying it, actually!

3. I was raped when I was 15…therefore I’m screwed up, I have no problem saying that because I believe the more we address that it happens in our community, the more awareness and prevention.

4. The only reason I don’t do standup/improv because I’m scared I’ll get boo’d

5. I believe in a few good conspiracy theories. I always question everything, I’m not easily fooled.

6. I don’t sleep because I have really bad anxiety about ppl being mistreated in the world, so I watch 30rock & the Office until I fall asleep.

7. I wish I was completely over Terry.

8. When I was 3 I was locked in the closet for saying I was pregnant at my crazy religious pre-school.

9. I faked being a lesbian, because I found out I wasn’t going to be the only child anymore after 18yrs.

10. I love me some Kerry Washington and Tina Fye. Oh! and Rihanna, rehab is my shit.

11. I have preminitions and intuitions, and they scare me, because they come true.

12. I’m facinated by girls like me…only because I always think I’m the only person with that hobby or interest, which answers how I became Best friend’s with a few not-so-good girls.

13. I LOVE my sidekicks…aim:JazzijackMexxx, texting/im’n are my thing, deal with it.

14. VINTAGE 88 is my t-shirt company. I started it when I was 16, let it go and Now I’m going for it again.

15. I’m a producer with GetoSoul Productions. Google Us, Baby.

16. I know LIL KIM’s album Hardcore by heart. Queen Bitch is my fav., Other albums I pride myself on knowing, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die, and Illmatic.

17. I’m a TOMBOY…though I don’t own sneakers, changing soon because I want some SBs realllllll bad.

18. I can be really ackward/nerdy at times. hey’ sometimes you gotta take off your “Cool”

19. I think UMKC has black unity issues because too many ppl don’t have the grasp of how important this experience is historically, and would rather use status to feel important.

20. A room full of ppl, I’m still Lonely at times. I feel too big for this bubble of shallow conversation and trends. Im too freespirited for these conservatives/wanna be liberals.

21. I’m a really good liar, but only to ppl I find gullible.

22. I’m terrified of DRUGS. Btw Weed is not a drug, I’m always willing to argue my point.

23. I’m a deep thinker, and I’m always willing to go there, I just don’t feel the need to take myself too serious, but I hate when ppl don’t take me serious, I actually get really upset and walkout of rooms.

24. I have a thing for skinny jeans, plaid, and scarves. I love my leather jacket, my lettermans jacket, and my VANS! BOY!

25. I dont have committment issues, I just dont want a boyfriend….I find it extremely hard to find a guy who is comfortable with everything about me, or will be behind me 100%. So Fuck em’. LOL. Besides Love is for broke ppl.