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What’s more socially acceptable?

A black chick with no hood knowledge


Hood ass white chicks


Live from the sidekick


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I’m dubbing myself honorarily (is that even a word? IT IS NOW!) black. And as an answer to your question of changing the community–and this goes for any minority, whether it’s concerning race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, WHATEVER!–is that:

In order to progress when progression is not a group priority is for the members of that group to whom it is a priority to move forward and educate as many people as possible.

Educate them about the past, educate them about the present, and educate them about what the future COULD bring for them. Before any of that happens, many will have to be educated about the ins and outs of being someone who thinks. Not just thinks as in, “I think I should go eat because I’m hungry.” but THINK as in, “How do I feel about the things I do in my life? How do the things I do affect the people around me? Do I care? Am I saying that I don’t care as a defense mechanism against myself and the appearance of weakness? HOW CAN I CHANGE MYSELF FOR THE BETTER–SO THAT I WON’T FEEL WEAK BUT EDUCATED AND STRONG FROM SOMEWHERE DEEPER THAN MY MUSCLES AND BONES?”

These are the things that people need to think about in order to progress. The quicker we teach others to use their brain as a tool instead of a space filler between their temples, the sooner we will see PROGRESSION. The more people that learn to think about and for themselves in a positive direction, the more will follow.


-Kia “Stylin on YOU” M.

She Just took it there…Your turn.

How can we change our community back into a culture of progression and not disgrace?