AuDiO | Jay-Z Interview With DJ Drama

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Jay-z Talks about The show in Atlanta Being canceled due to a Thunder Storm,confirms the Blueprint 3 release date, September 11th, and much more.

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AuDiO | Jay-Z Interview With DJ Drama

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Video | Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Freestyle (Full Version x Better Quality)

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For All yall Hearing Impaired Ass People…..

We talkin’ about real shit or we talkin’ about rhymes
Y’all talkin’ about millions or y’all just talkin’ about mines
What we talkin’ about? ‘Cause I ain’t got time
For what people be talkin’ about all the time
What we talkin’ about fiction or we talkin’ about fact?
We talkin’ about fiction, hold up, pardon my back
We talkin’ about life and all I hear is, “Oh yeah he keeps talkin’ about crack.”
I ain’t talkin’ about profit
I’m talkin’ about pain
I’m talkin’ about despair
I’m talkin’ about shame
I ain’t talkin’ about gossip
I ain’t talkin’ about Game
I ain’t talkin’ about Jimmy
I ain’t talkin’ about Dame

I’m talkin’ about real shit, them people playin’
What is you talkin’ about? I don’t know what y’all sayin’
People keep talkin about Hov take it back
I’m doin’ better than before, why would I do that?
Ain’t nothin’ cool about carryin’ a strap, about worryin’ your moms and buryin’ your best cat
Talkin’ about revenge, while you carryin’ his casket, all teary-eyed about to take it to a mattress.
I’m talkin’ about music, I ain’t talkin’ about rap
Y’all talkin’ about who’s hot, I ain’t talkin’ about that
The conversation has changed, let’s yap about that
I don’t run rap no more, I run the map
A small part of the reason the President is Black
I told him I got him when he hit me on the jack
I’m talkin’ about progress, I ain’t lookin’ back
You know I run track, try not to get lapped
People keep talkin’ about Hov left ’em flat
Trying to rewrite history, let’s talk about facts
Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps
He coulda made more but he ain’t sign his contract
And as far as street guys, I mean we was dealin’ crack.
That’s how the game goes, I don’t owe nobody jack
Grown men, want me to sit ’em on my lap
But I don’t have a beard and Santa Claus ain’t Black

!!!! DAiLy LinKAge !!!!

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Rap superstar JAY-Z has quit Def Jam Records after paying $5 million  to buy himself out of his label contract, according to a new report.The Big Pimpin’ hitmaker had one final album left on the iconic Russell Simmons-founded label – his 11th and highly-anticipated disc The Blueprint 3, which he is expected to release later this year (09). But the hip-hop mogul – real name Shawn Carter – was allegedly so eager to move on from Def Jam, he’s bought his way out of the contract so he can begin his new deal with concert promoters Live Nation, reports Jay-Z signed a $150 million contract with Live Nation in 2008 in a deal that would encompass his future album releases, tours and the creation of the label Roc Nation, once his Def Jam commitments were fulfilled. A spokesperson for the rapper had yet to respond to requests for a comment as WENN went to press. Jay-Z, who has released nine albums on Def Jam, stepped down as president of the record label in January 2008 after three years in the position.

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Video | Mr. Hudson Speaks On Blueprint 3

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Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Video | NoID Speaks On Blueprint 3

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“Blueprint 3 Will Be a Full Fledged Classic”

Jay-Z ON Cover Of Cigar Aficionado!

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What happen to BluePrint 3??

This is the only LeAK ?!?!??!    Jay-Z – Maybe

Spotted at Rapradar YN Whuddup!!

Jay-Z – Maybe

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Jay-Z – Maybe