Video | Spectacular From Pretty Ricky “Gay In Dis Club”

Posted in Artist, Concept City, Music, R U Crazy, Uncategorized, Videos by lahnclass on May 26, 2009

For 1.

This Dude calling out EVERYBODY to a Grind-Off Challenge!!!


For 2.

This Dude is dancing for the Niggas that he is challenging!!!!


NIGGA YOU GAY!!!!   *In  Riley Freeman Voice*

Also if you a male and sat and watched the whole thing……….

NIGGA YOU GAY TOO!!!!   *In  Riley Freeman Voice*


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  1. corvedacosta said, on May 26, 2009 at 3:34 PM

    So are you saying grinding is gay? It’s a challenge, if no one wants to take him up on it clearly he is the winner. I thought the idea was whack but great dancing and wining to me. In some cultures he is a wining king, to Americans the land of the free he is coming out. Who cares?

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