PiCs | Eva Mendes Photoshoot with Ellen Von Unwerth

Posted in Broccoli City, Concept City, I DiGG....I DiGG, I'LL BEAT, Pics, Uncategorized by lahnclass on May 14, 2009


Actress Eva Mendes posed for a photo session with acclaimed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. There’s no information on when the shoot took place or where these photos ended up, but it surely shows us a very sexy Eva Mendes showing lots of skin.

Via: BC

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  1. Counsel said, on May 28, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    All of these photoshoots should have a disclaimer that reads…

    “Depictions of nudity and or various states of “undress” are done for the sole purpose of marketing. ”

    Anything to get “kids” to realize that getting undressed (or sexting, etc.) does not make you desirable or popular. Rather, getting nude outside of “marketing” often makes you “easy.” Desirable does not equal popular does not equal easy. you do the math…Desirable does not equal easy.

    If you are easy, people don’t want YOU if you are easy. Rather, they want what THEY are getting. You want them to want YOU rather than what you give them…

    Empathy. Understand the situation without letting your emotions cloud your judgment…

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