FEB. 1st – Its Black History Month

Posted in Black Maybe, Holiday by Jazzi on February 1, 2009

Who’s Down for a SPIKE LEE movie festival? Maybe Roots? Color Purple?

Educate yourself. 365, 66 in a Leap YEAR!


“Can you see the pride in the panther
as he glows in splendor and grace?
Topling obstacles placed
in the way of the progression of his race?”
-Mos Def

I was going to stop there, but Looking at the pic above, I started filling tears gather up in my eyes. Im not one to have it painted across my chest, but My president is black. That Im extremely proud that our country has come to this point. I still feel my community has far to go in accepting ourselves, but none the less I LOVE BEING BLACK, and would not have it any other way.

So I pose the question: How can we change our community back into a culture of progression and not disgrace?

*Currently Playing – Brown Skin Lady by BlackStar*

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